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"No money shall be drawn from the treasury, for the benefit of any religious or theological institution." -- Indiana Constitution Article 1, Section 6.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Who is buying No Child Left Behind?

George Miller is the cosigner of the NCLB document and the head of the House Educational Committee that is in charge of reauthorizing NCLB.

According to http://abcnews.go.com and Megan Reichgott of The Associated Press, NCLB testing industry is dominated by four companies:

CTB/McGraw-Hill, Monterey, CA
Riverside Publishing
. Itasca, Ill
, San Antonio, Texas
Pearson Educational Measurement
, Iowa City, Iowa

Note also how many of the companies represented below are for-profit educational corporations, online schools, or conservative "think tanks." These are the people who have contributed to Congressman Miller's campaign. These are the people who Miller is beholden to when it comes time to review and reauthorize No Child Left Behind. Is he going to do what is best for children?

Business Week calls the for-profit education market "red-hot." It is...millions of tax dollars which should be going to improving public schools are being funneled to for-profit companies whose bottom line is profits...not the education of children.

Jerald Barnett

Education America / Owner

Thomas Bishop

University of Phoenix / VP

Deborah Blackwell

Touro University / Provost & Dean

Cynthia Braddon

McGraw-Hill Companies / VP

Eli Broad

Broad Foundation / Founder

Kathryn Costello

Pearson Education Publishing

Larry Diamond

Hoover Institute

William Etheridge

Pearson Education, CEO

Lawrence Goodman

School Link Technologies, President

Henry Howard

US Education Finance Corp., President

John Isley

Pearson Education / Publisher

Richard Jerue

Education Mgmt Corp / VP Govt. Relat.

William Jordan

McGraw-Hill Companies / Senior Director

Joseph Kakaty

Student Loan Consolidation Center

Hendrik Kranenburg

McGraw-Hill / President Higher

Bonnie Lieberman

John Wylie & Sons Publishing / SVP

Patricia McAllister

Educational Testing Service / Govern

Lowell Milken

Knowledge Universe Ltd. / Business

Arnold Mitchem

Council for Opportunity in Educ/PR

Jacqueline Pels

Hardscratch Press / Editor / Publisher

Richard Robinson

Scholastic Inc. / President & CEO

John Sargent

Holtzbrinck Publisher / CEO

Larry Snowhite

Houghton Mifflin Company / VP Govern

FOLLOW UP...why has no newspaper taken up the story of how NCLB is NOT benefiting children as reported on this blog on July, 31 in the article, New Research: Achievement slows after implementation of NCLB, below?

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