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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

California Teachers Association Just Says No!

The California Teachers Association (CTA) appears to be the only NEA affiliate strong enough to do what the NEA itself won't do - stand up for children and the public schools. This was written relative to California, but the fact remains that NCLB is a disaster for all public schools, all over the country.

by California Teachers Association (from and ad on Daily Kos)

Don’t Let Congress Punish Our Students, Teachers and Schools - AGAIN

Vote NO on the Miller/Pelosi NCLB Reauthorization Proposal

California educators have supported the Elementary and Secondary Act since its inception in 1965 when President Lyndon B. Johnson signed it as part of the War on Poverty. CTA supports improving student achievement, closing achievement gaps and accountability, but when the law was reauthorized in 2002 and was named the No Child Left Behind Act by President Bush, it became a system of sanctions rather than assistance to public schools, students and teachers.

NCLB is again now up for reauthorization. And the proposal by California Congressman George Miller and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi does nothing to improve the law. California teachers are calling on Congress to vote NO on the Miller/Pelosi NCLB reauthorization plan.

The No Child Left Behind Act is Not Working. It is Hurting our Students, Teachers and Schools -- read more.

The NCLB reauthorization proposal by Representative George Miller and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi does nothing to improve the current law and actually makes it worse -- read more.

The Miller/Pelosi NCLB reauthorization bill will make it harder to attract and retain quality teachers in California classrooms -- read more.

The Miller/Pelosi NCLB reauthorization bill imposes new federal mandates that undermine local control and employee rights -- read more.

Rather than punishing students and teachers, NCLB should provide proven reforms that improve student learning -- read more.

We can’t let the past repeat itself. This law is too important for the future of our public schools.

Take Action NOW!

Tell Your Member of Congress to VOTE NO on Miller/Pelosi NCLB Proposal

California Teachers Association


Read the Declaration of Independence From High Stakes Testing

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