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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Chew toys and 6 year olds

I went to pick up a group of first graders on Monday. As we walked out the door I noticed that Ryan, the shortest one of the bunch, had his shoulders hunched forward as if he was freezing cold. In his scrunched up fist was his t-shirt collar which was obviously soaking wet.

I said, "Ryan, are you ok?"

In his most dramatic voice he responded, "I can't help it. I chew on my shirt."

So I suggested that he let go of it...and let it dry.

To that he replied, shivering slightly, "I can't let go of it...if I do I will freeze myself up."

"Ryan," I said, "If you let go of it and it dries you will get warmer." He just shook his head.

Later on, in my classroom, I noticed that he was chewing on his shirt again...

On my way to school today, maybe I'll stop at a pet store and pick up a couple of "chew toys."

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The best 1st grader story I have heard in a long time...more than a bit Ramona-ish or JunieB-like.