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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ice Storm - Day 5

Woo hoo!!! The power came on at about 7 pm last night (Monday).

With the help of a brand new generator and a kerosene heater we started warming up the house. Chad removed the old, broken radiator - with only one minor emergency as water came shooting out of the pipe. The electricity came on while we were "thawing" out various water areas, so the generator was put away for next time. Lots of problems still remain.

There's no hot water in the "up" bathroom, the kitchen faucet is still broken, there's no heat above the garage, no heat in "the addition," and the floor in the "down" bathroom flooded because of frozen drains.

Today's chores:

1. Hope that the power stays on.
2. Move things out of the living room so that the floor can be cleaned.
3. Clean up the "down" bathroom...wash the towels used to mop up the floor (and, btw, hope that the washer works.
4. Thaw out the radiators in the addition.
5. Thaw out the hot water lines in the "up" bathroom.
6. Drag more limbs to the front of the house hoping that eventually some kind soul will come along and haul them away.
7. Contact the phone company to re-attach the phone lines...though this may have to wait until the tree which pulled the wires down melts and gets out of the way.

The living room corner with the dead radiator removed and capped - thank you Chad!!

The dead kitchen faucet - soon to be replaced with a brand new faucet with soap dispenser.

For some reason the siding has not "healed itself."

The "Hero" trophy goes to Chad and Kate for all their hospitality, help, and patience!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful family!!!!

Ellen said...

so glad the power is back! I'll be in town tonight (staying at Kate's) and I'm bringing a very special pre-Christmas cheer-up gift for you and Mom.